Betting on the 2016-17 NBA Season

Image credit: Dan Fornal
Image credit: Dan Fornal

As baseball winds down and the current NFL season reaches its midpoint, the 2016-17 NBA season opens for business to ensure we never go a week without one professional sport or another to watch and bet on. This post will serve as both an early preview of this year’s basketball betting outlook and also as a holding place for any new NBA betting bonuses that are announced as the season progresses.


The 2016-17 NBA season officially begins on Tuesday, 25 October with three games on the slate. The very first game of the new season will have the 2016 championship winning Cleveland Cavaliers host the New York Knicks at Quicken Loans Arena at 8 PM ET. At 10 PM and 10:30 PM, we’ll also get to see the Portland Trail Blazers host the Utah Jazz and the Golden State Warriors host the San Antonio Spurs.

Recommended NBA Betting Sites

From there, things ramp up into a busy six months of regular season play across 2,460 individual games. That is a lot of opportunities to bet on basketball, so the time is now to decide where you’ll be betting and which bonuses you’ll be snapping up this year.

Noteworthy NBA Bonuses

Basketball ranks as the second or third-most popular sport for betting in most countries and even a third place ranking equals a ton of betting action. Basketball betting sites always come through with new promotions at the beginning of the NBA season and then update those offers periodically throughout the season.

However, the general trend I’ve noticed over the years is that short term basketball betting bonuses tend to be overshadowed by year-round welcome bonuses. In other words, if you don’t already have an account at one of the main bookmakers, you will probably get the most for your money by signing up as a new customer and focusing on welcome bonuses.

If you do already have an account at all the major online betting sites, then it is time to look for NBA-specific bonuses. The vast majority of NBA bonuses are available to new and old customers alike.

Some bookmakers offer a year-round accumulator bonus for NBA betting and other North American sports. They call it the “Parlay Bonus” and it increases all winnings on successful basketball accumulators. The more legs in your parlay, the bigger the payout.

Doubles accumulators add 5% to your standard payout while trebles add 7.5% and 4-folds add 10% extra. The bonuses increase in size from there to a maximum of 50% extra on 12-fold or larger accumulators.

Basketball is one of the more popular sports for parlays due to the frequency of games and number of games to choose from throughout any given day or week. If you tend to bet on multiple games at a time, parlays increase your winnings significantly. The one catch (of course there’s always a catch) is that every selection in your slip must win. If you get just one game wrong, the whole accumulator is considered a loss.

This is why conservative punters tend to stick with 2 or 3 game basketball accumulators. Trying to pick the winner of just one basketball game is a challenge on its own. Picking correct outcomes in 2 or 3 games is even more difficult, but doable. Once you get beyond that, however, you’re probably just gambling for a huge payout. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but let’s not fool ourselves.

2016-17 NBA Futures

It feels so early to discuss the 2016-17 NBA Championships, but the oddsmakers have already published the odds for each team to win it all this season. I do know some people like to get a little money in early, forget about it and then be pleasantly surprised if their team does indeed get the job done.

One of the nice things about taking super early futures positions is you’re sometimes lucky enough to get great odds on a team that later proves to be stronger than anticipated. However, last year’s winners are rarely worth backing at this time due to the public backing those teams heavily and exerting downward pressure on the odds.

Of course, the big downside to early futures is a severe information deficiency. Sure, we can watch all the trade news, injury updates and practice sessions, but nothing beats watching the teams in action in real games. And even if you have no plans to bet on NBA championship winners, it’s still interesting to know how the oddsmakers view each team’s chances.

 William HillComeOn
To Win 2017 NBA Championship
Golden State Warriors5/610/13
Cleveland Cavaliers3/133/10
San Antonio Spurs7/117/2
Boston Celtics20/122/1
Los Angeles Clippers22/122/1
Atlanta Hawks33/145/1
Toronto Raptors28/133/1
Oklahoma City Thunder33/133/1
Chicago Bulls33/145/1
Indiana Pacers66/150/1
New York Knicks40/145/1
Memphis Grizzlies66/166/1
Minnesota Timberwolves50/155/1
Utah Jazz50/166/1
Miami Heat40/150/1
New Orleans Pelicans66/170/1
Portland Trail Blazers80/190/1
Washington Wizards100/190/1
Detroit Pistons100/1100/1
Houston Rockets66/170/1
Dallas Mavericks80/1110/1
Milwaukee Bucks100/1110/1
Orlando Magic150/1110/1
Charlotte Hornets100/1125/1
Denver Nuggets150/1175/1
Los Angeles Lakers150/1125/1
Sacramento Kings250/1225/1
Philadelphia 76ers500/1300/1
Phoenix Suns500/1450/1
Brooklyn Nets500/1500/1
Eastern Conference Champion
Cleveland Cavaliers4/6
Boston Celtics6/1
Toronto Raptors12/1
Atlanta Hawks18/1
Indiana Pacers25/1
New York Knicks16/1
Chicago Bulls20/1
Miami Heat20/1
Detroit Pistons28/1
Washington Wizards40/1
Charlotte Hornets50/1
Milwaukee Bucks50/1
Orlando Magic80/1
Philadelphia 76ers250/1
Brooklyn Nets250/1
Western Conference Champion
Golden State Warriors2/5
San Antonio Spurs11/2
Los Angeles Clippers16/1
Oklahoma City Thunder20/1
Minnesota Timberwolves33/1
Memphis Grizzlies50/1
Utah Jazz33/1
Houston Rockets50/1
New Orleans Pelicans50/1
Portland Trail Blazers40/1
Dallas Mavericks66/1
Los Angeles Lakers100/1
Denver Nuggets150/1
Sacramento Kings250/1
Phoenix Suns250/1
Atlantic Division Champion
Boston Celtics1/1
Toronto Raptors1/1
New York Knicks10/1
Philadelphia 76ers150/1
Brooklyn Nets250/1
Central Division Champion
Cleveland Cavaliers1/8
Indiana Pacers14/1
Chicago Bulls18/1
Detroit Pistons12/1
Milwaukee Bucks66/1
Northwest Division Champion
Utah Jazz9/4
Oklahoma City Thunder5/2
Portland Trail Blazers5/2
Minnesota Timberwolves15/4
Denver Nuggets50/1
Southeast Division Champion
Atlanta Hawks2/1
Miami Heat5/1
Washington Wizards5/2
Charlotte Hornets5/2
Orlando Magic33/1
Southwest Division Champion
San Antonio Spurs1/8
Memphis Grizzlies10/1
Houston Rockets12/1
New Orleans Pelicans50/1
Dallas Mavericks33/1
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