Betting on the 2016 – 2017 Football Season

NFL Betting Bonuses 2016

The 2016 NFL season has officially begun. We have now made it through the preseason games and Week 1 kicked off tonight, Thursday, 8 September. The Panthers and Broncos opened the season with a Thursday Night Football game (that is ongoing as I write this post) at Mile High Stadium in Denver. From here on out, we will be treated to 17 weeks of non-stop NFL action.

Every fall as the NFL season approaches, online betting sites gear up for a major increase in betting volume and new customers. Bookmakers compete for your business 365 days a year, but they turn it up even more so during the run-up to the NFL season. The reason is simple: football fans have ravenous betting appetites.

Today’s post will serve as an introduction to the best NFL betting bonuses for the 2016/17 season. Online bookmakers have already announced a variety of promotions that range from standard deposit bonuses to season-long rewards programs that will keep you in the action all the way through to the Super Bowl itself. Let’s take a look at the best bonuses on offer right now.

Best NFL Betting Sites Right Now

You can always expect to find a slew of NFL betting bonuses during the cooler months of the year as the sports news cycle begins to shift to American football and the first preseason games whet our appetites for what’s to come. Even though the online sports betting industry exists entirely outside US shores and the NFL is purely American, it still generates so much gambling action that bookmakers are more than happy to offer big bonuses for new customers.

Researchers estimate that American football betting (both legal and illegal) completely dwarfs the total betting action for all other sports around the world. To put that in perspective, ESPN once estimated that if the US were to suddenly legalize online sports betting, revenues generated from NFL betting alone would be five times bigger than the UK’s regulated sports betting market.

This all puts you in an advantageous position as an NFL-watching, money-having sports punter. You have an entire world of betting sites at your fingertips and they all want your action. It’s time to go shopping for the best NFL bonuses so you can get started with an fatter bankroll and more chances to win real money.

Can we get NFL betting bonuses outside the US?

Absolutely. The NFL is quite an American-centric sports league, but you would be surprised by how many fans there are outside the US. The NFL has been making inroads around the world in recent years with exhibition and even regular season games being hosted in non-US markets. More and more people are exposed to American football every year. Likewise, interest in betting on the NFL is growing internationally – and the bookmakers know this.

Having said that, UK bookmakers still don’t quite go as crazy for the NFL as they do for football (the soccer kind), cricket and so on. But still, the world’s major betting sites are beginning to ramp up their promotional efforts for American football. In some cases, you will find standard deposit bonuses in which you simply make a deposit and the bookmakers adds a little extra money to your account. In others, you will get actual, football centric promotions.

Popular bookmakers almost always offer some sort of parlay (accumulator) bonus on offer for NFL games. These promotions work by giving you enhanced payouts for placing parlays bets that involve NFL games and other North American sports. One parlay bonus in particular will give you a 5% enhanced payout on all 2-leg parlays and increases the bonus from there for each additional leg. At the high end, you can get as much as a 50% bonus on 12-fold and higher parlays.

What types of bonuses can I get?

It all depends on where you bet. Bookmakers that have a larger continent of American football fans tend to spend more time, effort and money on developing NFL specific promotions. At the most basic level, you will often find straight up deposit bonuses that may require you to input an NFL-themed bonus code when you make your deposit. These offers work just like any other deposit bonus with the exception that they tend to have larger maximum bonus amounts.

Reload bonuses are also quite popular prior to and during the NFL season. Bookmakers often use this time to reach out to their dormant customers who last placed a bet on last season’s games. E-mails go out, promotions pages are updated and people are invited to come back. All you have to do is make a fresh deposit and you’ll get a little extra cash in return for doing so.

Season-long promotions are also occasionally offered by certain bookmakers for the serious punters. Season-long promotions come in all different varieties, but they often promise some large reward if you place at least one bet every Sunday for the entire season or something along those lines. Long term promotions vary from betting site to the next, but the general gist of the idea is to reward you for sticking around for the duration of the NFL season.

We have also found parlay and accumulator bonuses to be quite common for US sports such as football. Other bookmakers come out with similar offers as well from time to time. The way parlay bonuses work is you get paid even more than usual if you hit every leg of your accumulator. For example, if you would have won normally won £850 with your accumulate but qualify for a 10% acca bonus, you would instead be paid £935 (£850 + £85).

The NFL Betting Lines are Live, Too

CG Technology (a Las Vegas oddsmaking service) posted the lines on every game for the first 16 weeks of the season way back in April. They were also first to release the odds for every team to win this season’s Super Bowl. Shortly thereafter, online bookmakers came out with their own first week betting lines and season-long futures.

Here’s what they came up with for the odds of each team winning the Super Bowl:

Arizona Cardinals: 16/1Green Bay Packers: 9/1New York Jets: 40/1
Atlanta Falcons: 48/1Houston Texans: 30/1Oakland Raiders: 32/1
Baltimore Ravens: 27/1Indianapolis Colts: 25/1Philadelphia Eagles: 50/1
Buffalo Bills: 40/1Jacksonville Jaguars: 70/1Pittsburgh Steelers: 9/1
Carolina Panthers: 10/1Kansas City Chiefs: 16/1San Diego Chargers: 60/1
Chicago Bears: 55/1Los Angeles Rams: 50/1San Francisco 49ers: 85/1
Cincinnati Bengals: 18/1Miami Dolphins: 55/1Seattle Seahawks: 8/1
Cleveland Browns: 125/1Minnesota Vikings: 16/1Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 70/1
Dallas Cowboys: 20/1New England Patriots: 11/2Tennessee Titans: 85/1
Denver Broncos: 11/1New Orleans Saints: 60/1Washington Redskins: 50/1
Detroit Lions: 60/1New York Giants: 15/1

You can also visit any of the bookmakers mentioned earlier on this page to see the current betting lines for the next week’s slate of games. As you plan your bets, don’t forget to take any bonuses and promotions in consideration. Almost every NFL betting bonus comes with some sort of requirement that you place a bet or two in order to cash out your bonus money.

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